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Quick Details
Place of Origin:
Main Raw Material:
Soda Lime
Appliance Paint, Boat Paint, Car Paint, Furniture Paint, Plastic Coating, Road Marking Paint, Rubber Coating
Application Method:
Liquid Coating
Brand Name:
OMicron / Microperl
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
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Glass Beads for Thermo Plastic, Paint, Coating, U.Polyester and Gelcoat applications

Two ranges of finer glassbeads were created as technical additive filler for plastics and coatings, Microperl® and OMicron®, which are between 3 and 50µm (050-20 and 050-40 for ATEC, NP3 and NP5 for OMicron®).

They are coated with a coupling agent, creating chemical bounding in order to ensure a good compatibility with the resins.

Dimensional stability, fluidity and implementation are improved by the presence of these microbeads. The surface aspect is brighter and has a reinforced scratch and abrasion resistance.


Sovitec produces solid glass beads Microperl® and High-Tech Beads® for use in thermoplastic and thermoset resins. Solid glass beads appear like a white powder but they are perfect spheres of soda lime glass. They are coated with a coupling agent, which gives a good bonding between glass and resin and enhance the beads dispersion in the matrix. The final mechanical properties will depend of the quality of this bonding between beads and matrix.

Our Microperl® have numerous advantages:

  • Improvement of the surface aspect of the final parts
  • Improvement of the scratch resistance
  • Improvement of the abrasion resistance
  • Fluidity increased
  • Reduction and isotropy of the post moulding shrinkage
  • Faster and easier extrusion and injection
  • Better mould filling

Their shape and their chemical composition provide a unique combination of specific properties that are not found in any other filler. We could also find it in some automotive parts, household applications, electrical devices, flooring, coatings (wood, coil, paints, ens), paper, fabrics...


OMicron® are solid, perfectly translucent, ultrafine glassbeads with a smooth and polished surface. The average particle size diameter is 3 microns for the OMicron® NP3 and 5 microns for the OMicron® NP5. They have the appearance of white powder. Standard OMicron® glassbeads come in a non-surface coated version. For better incorporation into various resins, polymer and binder systems, OMicron® glassbeads can be coated with different surface treatments.

These new beads are used in paints and coating to improve scratch and abrasion resistance in topcoats and sealers. They are also used in thermoplastic and thermoset applications to improve these surface aspect properties but also to increase some of the mechanical properties like compressive strength... Thanks to their shape, they can also improve the fluidity and the ease of application in different applications (epoxy flooring, polyester coating, SMC/BMC...).